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To save our clients time and money, protect their assets, and provide a safe, luxury experience for everyone.
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Meet Our Team

Doug Neal

President, Captain
Flying has always been Doug’s passion and he feels fortunate to be able to do it professionally for more than 27 years. 
With a business degree from the University of Alabama and an Airline Transport Pilot’s license, Doug worked a major legacy airline for years, flew for an international freight company, as well as multiple corporate flight departments,  and now flies —and runs —AirAlliance.
“I wanted to create a place where clients, pilots, and aircraft were treated properly, with respect and utmost consideration,” he says. “It is my goal to save my clients time and money, protect their assets, and provide a safe, professional experience for everyone. This is a strong alliance between clients, management, and pilots.” – Doug Neal

Bruce McKie


Air Alliance is fortunate to employ Bruce McKie, an outstanding pilot and detail-oriented technician.

A graduate of Western Michigan University, Bruce studied aviation technology and technical management. His many years of flight experience include a stint as captain at one of the world’s largest charter operations.

With unmatched management experience in addition to a safety-first emphasis and a pleasant customer-service-oriented personality, Bruce is an excellent addition to our leadership team.

Tony Harris

As a young boy, I grew up on the islands of the Caribbean. Living on top of a mountain overlooking an airport, I knew that at an early age I would have a passion for aviation. That passion took me to a lucrative aviation career of over 30yrs. After attending an aviation flight school in South Florida, I went on to running multimillion dollar flight departments and generating over 10K hours of flight time with an impeccable record. With several type ratings in multiple aircraft, I offer a wide range of experience, and offer customer service that is second to none. As I continue my career, I look forward to the next 10K hours, and the destinations it has to offer.

Luis Osuna

Director of Maintenance
Luis brings the maintenance experience owners and pilots are looking for. Having 17 years of experience as a Director of Maintenance, Chief inspector, Aircraft mechanic, and IA inspector, Luis is also a private Pilot. He is the go-to person we all trust with our maintenance needs.

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